Halo around TGA with alpha


Hey all,

I’ll start by saying I use SketchUp to make basic 3d environments for a game, exporting as .dae, converting to .fbx. I’ve been having a long running problem with the edges of a TGA image, specifically a tree image but it has applied to other types.

I’m creating a low poly tree by importing the .tga, exploding, and copy / rotating to make a + shape as seen from above.

The problem is that from certain angles, some of the faces appear to have a halo around the edges of the texture that show transparency cutting through other textures in the view line behind them. I initially didn’t think this was a problem until exporting and loading up in the game only to find the problem remains.

Things I’ve tried (if I can remember them all):

Styles transparency set to 'nicer’
Model info disabled antialiased textures
OpenGL settings on max texture size
Reversing faces
Intersecting faces with selection (each other)
Offsetting textures slightly

I have tried specifically made downloaded textures from the web, hand made tree textures, textures sent to me by others who use 3dsMax and other programs who’ve made similar trees that work in their respective programs and even un antialiased hand made textures consisting of nothing but 1 colour. It’s nothing to do with the texture.

So, has anyone solved this? I’ve read about 20 topics over the last year trying occasionally trying to fix this and have never managed to.



I have no knowledge on TGA images, but this helped me to fix png file halo