Guide lines only visible in active scene

How I can organize that a guide line (dashed line) is only visible in one senere and not visible in the next scene too. It’s bother me all the time. I dont know what it make sense that all guide lines are visible in all layer and scenery.


I don’t know what sense it makes to worry about controlling the visibility of guidelines between scenes. Guidelines are only meant as temporary entities and if used that way, it wouldn’t matter if they are visible in all scenes. You could make a layer for guidelines and control the layer’s visibility for the scenes in your file. Just be aware that hitting Delete Guides in the Edit menu will delete them.

I agree guides are usually temporary for me too.

FWIW Another option I thought of were to use a Style with guides turned off for scenes that are not required to show guides.


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I will use it for put dimension on layout and not create in layout guide lines again. In my oppinion is layout not a good dimension programm. I dont understand why i cant use guid lines not only for one scenes or layer. That is really stupid in my opinion. It woulb be great to have an button to say… all over … or only on this page…

OK. I don’t have any problem with dimensions in LayOut so I don’t know why you think it’s “not a good dimension programm.”

I already told you how you can make guidelines show in only the scenes where you want them. You’re right that it’s really stupid to not follow the instructions.

That is simple. I’m an detailed orientated architect. Details with dimension is creapy in this programm. This programm is a toy programm. Not made for professional details.

Next time ill jump back to ArchiCAD.

I don’t agree with you at all but since you think that, why do you use it at all?

to make a grid in layout!! The circle looks ugly and i cant find the center!
Thats not practical. thats is wast of time.


Hello @lentschig7 (Konrad),

I’m confused as to your expressed need for guidelines in a dimension string. What makes it necessary to have guidelines in this case? I surmise this feature would be rather useless for a “detail oriented architect.”

You are certainly welcome to voice your opinion, but doing so here only to complain serves no valid purpose and, as you say “That’s not practical. That is a waste of time.”
As to grid creation, a fairly straightforward/simple process using native guidelines, one may also resort to plugins to automate the process.

Here is a link to one thread where a bit of info is discussed:

There are others to select from, just type guidelines in the search box.

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