Guidance material for Naming components, instance, definition and layer


I’m a woodworker:
I’m gaining ground on sketch up but wondered if their is any material for setting up components, instance, definition and layer?

I have a night stand that has 3 identical vertical slats on each side. What would be the best way to draw and set them up?



If I were making the model the six slats would be instances of the same component. The three on the right side would be flipped to make them mirror images of the three on the right. Not absolutely necessary but if, later on, you need to make changes, that mirroring can save a bunch of work.

As for layers, I would make layers for similar parts. So there’d be layers for top, legs, aprons, stretchers, slats, drawer, drawer pull, and if you need to show them, screws. No need for anything more complex.


Thanks, DaveR


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