Groups will not snap to guidelines

I still after all this time struggle with basic sketchup quirks.

I use a lot of groups and sometimes the snap together but more often than not it is like to opposing magnets.

WHy/how do i get a group to snap to a guideline? I need to grab the corner od a group, not an endpoint in the group and snap it to a guideline. Attached is a very simple air return for a build. I can not for the life of me get corner of the elbow group to align with the crossing guidelines.

furnace return 24.skp (460.2 KB)

After fighting with it another 5 minutes and an additional guidelines i managed to pull it in line. I must be missing something in settings to cause it to be so difficult

Are you trying to do this? sometimes it’s easier to just move in one direction at a time.

Or better, build things in place so you don’t have to spend so much time moving them around.

You might consider making the ductwork parts as components instead of groups. You can then set the component origins to make them easy to drop into place as you are adding them.


Sometimes it seems I must use the shift constraint to get a snap at the end of a move and moving in the cardinal directions is sometimes necessary. Other times if seems as if I must have an intersection or vertex to snap to at the end of a move rather than just a single edge or guideline.

Snaps work best if you align a vertex on the moving object with a vertex on a fixed object. That eliminates ambiguity about where along an edge or on a face you intended the objects to align.

It can help to use some geometry to help infer the position. I have used nothing here to constrain in any way, simply the mouse with one hand. But by hovering on the furnace it helps it understand where in 3d space you are.

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Yes, you used the bottom right corner that was an end point, I was trying to use the upper right corner of the group that is not actually and end pint of the group.

Like this?

Two options. Upgrade to SU2020 or edit the group to add an edge so you have an endpoint to grab.

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