Group/Ungroup using Sketchup for Web on Android tablet


Problematic URL: in Chrome
Description of the Issue:
Using a Samsung Galaxy S3 running android, and using the Sketcup Free web app, I am anuable to group/ungroup parts of my models. I am using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, right click on the mouse doesn’t work, pressing the “G” key on th keyboard doesn’t work, tap and hold on the screen does not bring up the menu to work with groups or components. It is disappointing and discouraging and problematic when I try to utilize Sketchup Free on the web on my tablet to work on designs I have been working on in Sketchup Make 2018 or Sketchup for web on my laptop, and cannot work with them on my Tablet with the same functionality.
Selected Version of SketchUp:
Skethup Free for Web
Selected Operating System:
Android 7.0


We don’t really test/support SketchUp for Web in the environment you’re using, but I’m curious about how you have added the keyboard and mouse to your system. How have you found them to work in the Android OS in general?


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