Group: Type Vs. Undefined



If I copy and paste my group into another Sketchup file, that group ends up having the Type to be undefined. When I drag the file itself (from my documents) into the opened Sketchup file, the group now has a definition.
Does it matter if there is a definition or if the group is undefined?
I want to know if there is any significant advantage to having one over the other.

Thank you!


By dragging the file which contains the group, you’ re adding a ‘model’ wrapper around the group. It is the same as a File->Import.
So you are actually importing a Component-file, which contains the Group.
If you ‘enter’ the now wrapped component, you can select the group.
Learn more about groups and components here:


Just to back up what @MikeWayzovski is saying, look at your screenshot, one is a group and one is a component.


And to better understand the hierarchy of all the grouped entities (groups and components) in your modeling space you can open the ‘Outliner’.