Group selection line is a solid cube?

I noticed that the way my shapes are grouped is as a lined cube surrounding the boundary of my components.
I’m trying to simply have it grouped though without a lined cube boundary. this is to combine a plugin (magiz) with just what’s selected within the group but the tool is allowing the entirety of the cube to be active.
I’ve worked with the plugin before and have never had any issues till now :frowning:

Currently using the latest sketchup pro 2022

All groups and components have Bounding Boxes, when the shape is aligned to the axes the default bounding box will fit those edges, but if the shape is off axis the bounding box will default to the global axes.
You can change the axes of a group by entering the group and using the axes tool to set the axes how you want.
A component has more options for setting or changing the axes. When created you can set it, or even right click, change axes.