Group Policy blocking install

I’m trying to install SketchUp Pro 2015 and our company’s group policy is blocking the install. The group policy currently blocks installs from writing to the C:\Windows\Temp directory - this is directly set due to the Cyrpto Locker virus.

I can’t figure out what file(s) or directory the install is trying to write during the install extraction process so I can make a rule to allow those specific files - can anyone help me here???

One directory the installer tries to create is sketchup_install under user’s temp directory.


I do not believe it writes to C:\Windows\Temp at all but I am not certain.

Thanks Bugra - I was able to copy the temp files in the user’s directory to another directory and install from there - perhaps our companies group policy has expanded to include the user’s temp directory as well as the Windows temp directory - I’ll have to check here - but either way I’m farther along than I was - thanks again!