Group dimensions according to type and create report to export to excel


Hello, I use sketchup to create roof plans, these include lines sorted by color according to type (ridge line=green, perimeter line=red, valleys = blue) which are also dimensioned. After the roof plan is complete I manually enter the line dimensions into an excel sheet, from which a quote is produced using algorythms.

In order to save time and reduce chance for errors. I’d like to know if it is possible, perhaps through an extension, to group these dimensions according to their type, and then have a custom excel table generated which includes the measurements laid out according to their set type. Also would like to include area measurements in the custom excel table.

Thanks for looking.


Ideally, I’d like to right click a dimension and have it automatically set as a dimension type, so ultimately my dimensions will export in a excel sheet in a format similiar to this example:

I’d appreciate any advice if this is possible in SketchUp, perhaps through an extension or have a custom extension created.