Grip handles too far away

Hello, I have imported an object (a door) from the 3D Gallery. I wish to insert this into an opening I created in my project’s house. In attempting to scale the door to fit the opening, I noticed the grip handles are far away- about 1 city block out from the door.

Is there a way to bring the handles in closer?

Possibly…can you provide the specific link or at least the name of the door model in question? What you describe sounds like maybe it is a Dynamic Component that is badly programmed.

  • Window->Model Info->Components : check ‘Hide rest of model’
    *View->Hidden geometry checked
    *All Layers visible
    Edit the component (double click on it)
    Do you see any stray edges besides the component itself?

If its a group or component ( not a DC) as Jack says, if you (edit) into the component, hit ctrl A which should ensure all of the component is selected ( even the part that’s a city block away), then hold Shift and then generously drag over all of the door parts you want to keep, this will deselect the door but keep the far off part selected, so you could then hit delete ( which will remove the stray part) leaving the door bounded as expected.

Alternatively, you could edit the component, select the door parts and delete, then exit out of the component and then paste in place. This should also give you your door back ( just the door) but that stray piece will still be in the model…just living a city block away.

also you could just edit the door - zoom extents and find that stray part…