Grift or bad design? Or good design!?

I took an Exhibit Installation Designer position at a museum in 2018 and have finally convinced them to purchase Sketchup Pro. After 2 months of back and forth with Carasoft, the government contractor for Trimble, I finally connected our purchasing manager with the rep to purchase an annual subscription. It turns out the subscription starts on the date of purchase and not installation. My new PC, with a competent graphics card, is across the street and it might be February before I can get IT to get SU set up, installed, and functional. After several conversations with customer support I was told this is how it works. Is this a great design to dupe notoriously slow moving bureaucratic government organizations, and in turn tax payers, or just an over site and thus bad design? I thought most subscription services begin when you have access to that service? Or am I wrong!? I had one customer service rep compare Sketchup Pro to milk! MILK!?!?

Seems normal to me. Netflix, Zoom, web hosting service, amazon prime, renting a house, getting garbage collection service to my house, magazine subscription, New York Times, gym membership, pretty much any subscription service I can think of works like this. I start paying the day I purchase the service. They don’t care if I never watch a program, never post my website, or never put my garbage on the curb, or never go into the house I rented or the gym I joined, or never make a zoom call. I’m charged when I ask to start the service, I stop paying when I stop the service. Sounds like it would have been better to wait until you had SketchUp installed on the work computer (there is a 30 day free trial) then started the subscription. Has it been less than 14 days since you purchased? I believe you can request a refund. Then wait until you are ready to start the subscription?


You know, you should have purchased a SketchUp Pro license 15 years ago. The free versions aren’t licensed for commercial work.


Again, government. It took me 2 months to arrange the purchase. And I just started Apple TV and first I downloaded the app then started subscription. It’s pretty standard

I never charged for the drawings nor had any employees nor made any money. But thanks for the sage advice

This doesn’t feel like a hobby to me when i am reading this…

Did you charge for the build and fabrication proces?

What does that have to do with wasting tax payers $?

Nothing, but I keep wondering if you have been illegaly using a free non-comercial version of Sketchup for 15 years and now complain about having to pay for not using the Pro version for 2 months… Would be a bit hypocritical, no?
Not saying that you did that, it just sounded like that in your opening post…