Green Spaces

Hello I am looking for someone to assist me in designing some green spaces e.g. trees, ponds, markets etc. If anyone knows how to do this please email me Any help at all will be great thanks.

As I indicated to your previous post:

"This is not an appropriate request for this forum. Asking for advice is one thing…so ask specific questions…,but attempting to have another user complete your assignment is cheating. Do the work yourself and receive the full benefit of learning while undertaking the assignment.

Users are cautioned to use proper judgment when responding to requests that appear to involve scholastic improprieties!"

If you persist in this ill conceived behavior, your account may be silenced or suspended.

I would be glad to tutor you in using SketchUp but since this is an assignment I can’t do any of the work for you. I also sent you a private message.

If you’re interested in learning to do it yourself please contact me. I have over 10 years of SketchUp teaching experience.

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