Green plane sloped by 1/64" can't level to create planes

any advice on leveling the heights? tried push pull… I’ve tried realigning the axis as well…

A real quick look, I’d guess you have length snapping enabled. Disable it and start over.

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Also, if you can share the skp file we can give an exact answer

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LOL… yes length snapping is enabled. START OVER? I was afraid of that.
will post the file though and work on something else if anyone can show me how to fix…

File uploaded thanks
2022_4_7_3109_s_giles.skp (5.1 MB)

I stand by my original comment and start over. Looking at the whole item, draw the first level, Then move the lower group up, leaving a copy and multiply time the number of levels you want. Quite honestly there are many people in the forum that can reproduce this in less time than trying to repair it. With the dimensions on a piece of paper it is a job of minutes. Also don’t add textures until the base drawing is finished.

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Please update your profile to state which version of SketchUp Pro you are using. This information often affects answers to your questions.

First of all, you are not using tags (aka layers) in a safe manner. Only groups and components should use tags; edges and faces should always be untagged (aka use layer0).

Also, the plywood group is located far away from the other groups. That can cause issues while editing a model and really isn’t necessary since you can hide groups to get them out of your way, as you have done for the various floors.

Once that is done, the fastest fix may be to open a wall component for edit, for example "1st_fl ". Select and delete everything except the footprint at the bottom (easiest done with a right-to-left “crossing” selection drag box). Then either manually or using one or another flatten to plane extension, get all the footprint edges exactly on the same level. Then select all the footprint faces (again easiest with a selection drag box) and pushpull them to the correct height.

Because each floor is an instance of the same component, they will all have been corrected. However, because the wall height is changed, you may have to move the upper floor walls up or down to bring them back into correct alignment with each other.

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Thank you for your bluntness. That’s what I needed. I care about efficiency. I do want to clearly understand so I can avoid this in the future. thanks for taking the time!

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updated; sketchup pro 2022. Layers / Tags I’m trying to still fully comprehend. I am re-reading your message a few times and will try to incorporate going forward thanks everyone.

Have you visited these sites: The Learning Center and The SketchUp YouTube Channel? Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.
On the YouTube site pay attention to the Square One series.


Another possibility is that under model info set the tolerance to 1/64 inch and the snap to tolerance also to 1/64 inch.