Great deal on a neat tool I've wanted


It’s called the Walabot®. It’s a tool that pairs with your phone (sorry Mac users, Android only!) that lets you get a bit of a picture of what’s inside your walls!

They don’t describe the technology exactly, but they refer to “RF” at one point. Essentially, it’s an enhanced stud finder that can find not only wood, but also metal (pipes/wires/cables) and plastic (pipes) up to 4" deep in the wall.

I’ve been interested in this since I first saw it at least a year ago, and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one (I don’t have it yet.) The “straw that broke this camel’s back” is that they’re offering them for essentially 1/2 off their normal price.

It’s my holiday gift to myself.

I have no relation to the company, and receive no commission for referrals. I’m posting this because I suspect there are other DIY handyman here who may find it useful.

And come to think of it, there may well be a SketchUp tie in! Do you model existing buildings - especially older framed buildings - to establish a basis for renovation/remodeling? This can help you know the framing details without tearing open the walls!

Here’s their web page:

I plan to resurrect one of my outdated phones that I haven’t yet recycled to dedicate to this application. At least I think I have at least one that meets the specs!

Once I have it, I’ll report back here on how well it works - but I don’t know when the 1/2 off deal ends, so if this tickles your interest, take a look now!



Seems if I recall correctly , these sold for either $149 or $249 when first introduced.



That’s my recollection as well. Now? Normally $99 reduced to $49 - but I can’t find an expiration on the sale.