Gradual Joining of two curved edges (different sizes)

Hey guys, what method/tool would i need to use to smoothly join two curved edges of different sizes?

my object will have a soft edge all the way around, but there is a part where the thumb/finger would go and this needs wider/deeper curved edge and id like two know how to seamlessly join the two. Pics attached!

(on a side note, does RoundCorner offer asymmetrical rounding where one side of the edge has a longer curve than the other?) Thanks in advance!!!

@slingshotwarehouse, maybe you should share the model file for people to work with, to get a detailed answer on how to tackle this. It would help.

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Amazing!!! Thank you so much!

Such details are not difficult to accomplish with the native tools.
Here’s a guide to take your skills to the next level.


Well I thought native tools would be used part way through the great gif–skipping Curviloft and using the command-key move on the vertices to move them to the bigger curve.