GPS Coordinates in geolocated map

I have a solar site layout (assume rectangle with 4 corners) with one known corner in GPS lat/long. I scaled the layout and superimposed this on geolocated map with manually located axis set to the corner lat/long. Would like to find GPS coordinates at the other corners of the layout by touching corner and getting GPS lat/long.

Another similar application is using Barry Miliken’s 2DXY starting from the manually located axis and determining the GPS coordinates at corners.


This is not an interactive tool but may give you the answers you want.

select the edges of the rectangle.
copy and paste the following code into the Ruby Console and press Enter.

mod = Sketchup.active_model
ent = mod.active_entities
sel = mod.selection
pts = sel.grep(Sketchup::Edge).map{|e|e.vertices}{|v|v.position}
 txt = "#{ll[1].to_i.abs} #{(ll[1]%1*60).to_i} #{(ll[1]*3600%60).round(3)}#{ll[1]>=0 ? 'N' : 'S'} #{ll[0].to_i.abs} #{(ll[0]%1*60).to_i} #{(ll[0]*3600%60).round(3)}#{ll[0]>=0 ? 'E' : 'W'}"

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