Governance Needs Client ID?

Hello, I’m not sure this is in the correct place but I’m just looking for an answer. I’m trying to get SketchUp for Schools approved for a school in Scotland through G Suite and the governance is saying they require a ‘client ID which you should be able to obtain from the developer’ - can anyone help me?!

Hi @KAbercrombie, thanks for the post. I am not familiar with what you are asking for but @Tori_SU might be able to help. Thankfully I have a meeting later today with them so I can ask directly on your behalf and hopefully get you some answers.

Hi again @KAbercrombie, I just spoke with Tori and mentioned your request to them. She said that she was not sure what you mean by client ID and asked me for additional details. Can you offer an example of what you need? Is there some paperwork or something that would tell us more information?

We are happy to provide what we can but we need some clarification.