Google street view to Layout image

Can anyone please tell me how I can transfer a street scene image into Layout. I assume I have to save it on my computer and translate it into a jpeg or similar and then insert it. Don’t know how to get it off street view! Many thanks

Screenshot, then crop.

Thank you. The process is new for me. Do I press sceenshot and then C+V? I have done that and all I get is the link.

A screenshot saved to your computer as a .jpg or.png would work. Then File>Insert. But, before you do that, you should read Google’s terms of use. They generally prohibit that sort of use of their imagery.

OK thanks I guess that will work but I hadn’t realised about the terms and conditions so I won’t do it. I’ll have to go there and take my own photos. Seems a bit daft that they can take photos of the whole world without asking anyone and all I want to do is locate the neighbouring property without any cars in the foreground! Thanks again

Google went to the effort of capturing all those images. The images themselves are automatically copyrighted in the U.S. (just as images that you or I capture) and presumably Google wants to protect them.

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They might fall into the 25 years category. Photos that are works of art have much longer copyright.