Google <-> SketchUp Integration : Are Those Days Over?

Continuing the discussion from A Better Search Algorithm in Outliner:

Google could care less! They sold SketchUp to Trimble Navigation 3 years ago (in June 2012).

See also reuters article from April of 2012: Trimble Navigation to buy Google’s SketchUp
and the SketchUpdate blog post on the same day: A new home for SketchUp

The ties between Google and SketchUp have been severed. Google no longer even redirects the old URL links to the new Trimble domain.

You need to understand that there are some of us who believe that, while Google owned SketchUp, they stifled development of application features (that the end users begged for,) and the programming API fixes and enhancements (that the plugin developers needed,) in favor of only those that interfaced with their own services (like Google Earth, Maps and Street View, etc.)

Then, after they found a cheaper way to populate Google Earth with buildings, they abandoned SketchUp feature support.

We are all thankful that Trimble Navigation saw the real potential in SketchUp, and has kicked it’s development into high gear (compared to the slow drip in the Google days.)

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I was/am one of them. I attended the Google TC in Santa Barbara in 2012 and was surprised (although nah, …not really) that all their products at that time were mentioned extensively except for SketchUp. Not even once! I even asked about that but it was “laughed away”. You can imagine that it didn’t come as a surprise to me that they sold SketchUp soon after. I think I hardly unpacked my bags when the news reached me. I don’t have anything against Google except for the wasted time in SketchUp’s developement in those days.