Google Sketchup 7 not connecting to google earth

So when I try to hit the get current view button from google earth an error message comes up saying that I don’t have google earth open. I have repeated the steps that it says to do which is make sure your google earth is open and naturally it is and then restart sketchup. I’ve tried opening them up in every order like google earth first and then sketchup, both at the same time, and sketchup first and still nothing. I wish I could get a newer version, but 7 is the only one allowed to be used at work. Any help?

Unfortunately you’re out of luck.This was announce a long time ago. See the following link:

I refers to SketchUp 8 but includes earlier versions as well.

Kind of strange that they won’t allow you to use a newer version of SketchUp. There’s a lot you’re missing.