Google Sketchup 2008 - Layout App not working

I just installed Google Sketchup 2008 and Layout App is not opening even though Sketchup main app is working correctly. I tried re-installation in other location and I did not help.
Any ideas what is the problem?
Thank you

Do you mean SketchUp 8? Where did you get that? It’s more than 10 years out of support. You can’t purchase a license for it anymore. Many of the features no longer work in that ancient version.

If LayOut isn’t opening I would expect that either you haven’t got a licensed version or it’s not installed correctly.

Yes, I mean Sketchup 8, sorry. My colleague purchased it long time ago and we wanted to reuse it on other computer. We have perpetual license.

Well, probably not installed correctly. Right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator.

Good luck with it.