Google Model in Viewer

I created a model which by default has english system settings, feet and inches. I sent it to a friend which downloaded the viewer to see it, but he wants to view it in metric system units, meters.

How can he do that?

What does Google have to do with this?

Is your friend using the desktop viewer or the mobile viewer?

He is using the Google Desktop Viewer and the model was created in Google Sketchup, so Im assuming it is somehow related to Google.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2016 which isn’t a Google product. The current viewer is also not a Google product. Google sold off SketchUp over 5 years ago. If you are using an old version that really is a Google Product, and so is your friend’s viewer, I expect you’ll have some limitations.

Ok I didnt know Google sold it . Thanks.

I downloaded it this year so I doubt its 2016 but thanks anyway.

You should update your profile with the correct SketchUp version and indicate Pro or Make.

Find out which version of the viewer your friend is using, while you’re at it. If you want them to be able to control dimensions and maybe even measure things on their own, they could install SketchUp Make as long as they aren’t using it for commercial purposes.

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