Google Earth meshes

Hi everyone, I’m using the tool “Geo-Location>Add Location” for creating a mesh with the highmap and the textures from Google Earth.

The problem is that I’ve finished the model and I’ve got 168 meshes. When I export this (i.e. using the .obj format) it stills exporting 168 meshes each one with its ‘.jpg’ texture file.

Those are too much meshes.Many of the meshes are overlapping. How can I merge the 168 meshes into only one or reduce the number of triangles by deleting the overlapped meshes.

When you add location, there are two layers. One is a flat image, other is a 3d topographical layer (not that detailed). You can unlock and delete the topographical layer if you don’t need it, and that should result in just a one face texture.

If you do need the topographical layer, but with less details. I don’t know any shortcuts, except to manually delete and redo the edges.

I need the topographical layer. I’ve found how to unlock and erase manually the overlapped triangles (nevertheless I don’t know how to use these tools fine), but I wonder if this is the most efficient workflow.

Can you post an image of the overlapping triangle faces? Because I just checked on mine, none of them are overlapping. Did you accidentally merge the snapshot layer with the terrain layer?

I’ve added 2 captures.

Oops, sorry, didn’t see on on mobile.

Look up [CleanUp][1]
[1]: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse “CleanUp”

It can help you in delete edges that aren’t part of any face, hidden geometry and overlapping faces. So that should save you some time.