"Glass Style" renderer needed for SU 2015 Pro



I need to render my drawings in a kind of “glass style”.
Please advise! Any suggestions, which renderer to use?
I am not up to handle this flood of available renderers for my SU Pro 2015.


How Paint bucket with GLASS?

What’s a ‘glass style’? Translucent - partially transparent? Something else?


Exactly. I ment translucent. It’s because I have to show object sitting inside my drawings (e.g. draft drawings of a building). The rendering has to be high-class (pleasant). The build-in x-ray looks a bit “cheap” - at least the way I jused it :wink:


Are you hoping to be able to make the building reflective as if it is made of glass? With the right materials, just about any rendering program can do that. The best thing to do is pick one, install it, and use the trial period to see how you get along with it.


if your still on v15 have a play with Visualizer, it unsupported, but very easy…

there are many posts on it here and at SketchUcation…



You can try Vray for SketchUp. Third version is very easy to use and there is predefined material library with many types of glass.

Here is the image with default materials without any additional settings.


+1 for visualizer. For 15 it’ll work great and it’s very easy to get up and running. Read the brief documentation online. You can get very nuanced results using the keyword labels on materials function to control surface behaviors. And it’s free.


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