Glass Partitions

How do you draw a transparent glass partition with glass doors? - Thanks

You draw the glass as a regular face and then paint it with a transparent or translucent material.

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ah, thanks - really that easy, uh? I thought it would be more complicated.

Steve likes to make things simple even though he could have pulled out other tools in the process. :smiley:

I have created shadows in my model, but somehow, I may have done something I don’t remember as my shadows are fixed, they don’t change as I rotate the model around…how do I correct that? - Thanks

Are you rotating the model or orbiting the camera?

I am orbiting with the orbit tool

Orbiting is like flying around the model. The shadows will remain fixed because the sun isn’t moving. It’s only you that is moving.

so how do I change that? do I need to change, month, day and time of the day to see how the shadows can change?

Yes. It’s just like real life in that respect. The sun doesn’t move just because you walk around to the other side of the house. The shadows change position because the sun is in a different place relative to the house. Change the time of day or the day of the year to change the angle of the shadows.

Thanks Dave and Steve. I am pretty new with Sketchup, and I am just amazed and thankful for how easy it is to get some answers, first time I am using the Forum, and quite honestly didn’t expect to get answers even today, let alone after even less than 1/2 hr. Thanks to both and Happy New Year to both and to the Sketchup community!


With DaveR around, almost 24/7, you don’t need to wait that long. :wink:

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