Ghost material

I’m stuck with a problem on a project: I have to send the file to a render farm and the program refuses to continue because I have a material that refers to a jpg that is written with an accent (a model probably downloaded from the 3dwarehouse edited in Czech or Hungarian, I do not know)

I have replaced this material, cleaned everything but the problem persists.
Rebusfarm advised me to copy/paste the objects into a new SketchUp file, but that doesn’t work either

I used the eneroth material exporter plugin and exported the scene to test, nothing happens

thanks for your help

Try exporting the offending material image out of SketchUp. Save it with a new name and then import it back to SketchUp as a material. Replace the badly named version with the new one.

This wouldn’t be a bug in SketchUp. Editing the name of a material doesn’t change the name of the image used to create the material.

but I don’t know where is this image file : I already changed the name of the jpeg in Windows. Then I changed the material, used statistics tools to delete unused materials…

Is it possible that an object hidden in my project uses this material?

Anything’s possible. Hard to tell without seeing your file. Have you purged unused stuff from the file?

yes, I did. Could sommeone check my skp file, because I can’t find any solution

Sure. Upload it hear or if it’s too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

I think I could upload the Eneroth material exporter skp file, that is very light and still have this problem.
Very kind of you.
Sorry for my exotic english

I will share it through Google drive

here is the link, hope it will work. In this file, somewhere is a ghost material refering to a Klava.jpg file.
“Klava” is written with an accent under the L.


To sent this sketchup v-Ray project to rebusfarm I export it as a V-ray scene and then use the rebus drop tool. At this step rebus importer says “can’t find …Klava.jpg”

I’m uploading the entire project

Klava.jpg would be inside one of the .skm (texture) files but none of the textures in the .skp you supplied are called by that name.

Texture (.skm) files are basically a zip file that contains a folder with the reference image and some files related to how Sketchup should display that texture. The reference image doesn’t have to have the same name as the material so that can make it more work to identify. I created a collection of the the materials in your file and then opened the .skm files using 7-Zip to look for the offending image. I didn’t find it in any of the ones I looked at, though.

I suppose you could do the same and go through all of the textures. No need to look at the flat colors, though.

thank you very much to both of you it seems to me a very good track.
I will pick up my daughter from school, feed her, shower her, diaper her and I will be able to look at this in detail.
I’ll give you some info in return

Great ! I works.
I just had to delete the traces of this file in Vray, which I didn’t think to do.
Vray does not synchronize the deletion actions of materials
I assigned in vray another texture to this material, and that’s it

Many thanks to both of you

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