Ghost knob - Can't recycle component

I made a solid teapot in web. I moved it to a clean model and uploaded it to 3DWH to congratulate myself, only to realize today I neglected to recycle Helen. Set out to do so today, only to find an old version of the knob component. And, it won’t recycle.

The knob was rebuilt from profile so it would have the right number of radial sides, and either constructed outside of the original component or within original and then exploded and made into a group. It’s clearly a group now, not a component. Says so in entity info.

If I copy-paste to a new model, the old version of the knob comes with. If I copy-paste everything but the knob to a new model, it’s clean.

At this point I can try bringing over a new profile into the clean model and rebuilding the knob again. I think that will work. But what exactly is wrong with recycle here?

teapot o.skp (335.6 KB)

omg. the original is still hidden within the lid group

the disadvantages of not having outliner…

Also the disadvantage of inconsistent use of groups and components as well as using Hide instead of tags. One of the knobs is a group.

The purge command only purges components that aren’t used in the model space so the fact that the knob component didn’t get purged was a good clue that it was used somewhere within the model.

Yes, that’s exactly the lesson I took from finding the old component hiding inside the lid group (not the knob, which was a solid object, to correct my second post).

Yes, I have eliminated the Hide training wheels from my workflow now. The old, hidden version of the knob was from a whole two days before I finished the teapot and moved to a new model. In between I learned to only hide what should stay hidden. Which is why I didn’t even think to try “Show Hidden objects” before my OP, ha.

RE g vs c the original model is a samovar set with matching knobs, but I don’t think other users would want the knob as a component.

I am still of two minds about rebuilding both the lid and knob to a 12s circle for geo reduction. But then the lid won’t sit perfectly on the basin, so it won’t be as pretty to look at in X-ray…

FWIW, I wouldn’t want it with any groups.

Really? For my use (drawing from reference models) I need the lid to be removable. Perhaps I’ll upload two versions, solid and interactive. Or maybe just solid.

Thanks for the guidance.

I didn’t say the lid doesn’t need to be removable. I just said I would want all components and no groups. Groups don’t have a place in my workflow. I’m not sure the knob needs to be separate from the rest of the lid, though. I guess it depends on how the thing would be used.

If the model were to be used simply as entourage to dress up a table or something, it wouldn’t need a removable lid and it wouldn’t need any of the interior geometry which would reduce the file size further and make it easier to use.

Ah. I’ll consider that. But changing from group to component is easier than vice versa for any users who want to.

Right, it’s very not ideal for pure ornament. I’m still trying to glean how one markets a component to the correct usage category. I did watch the 3DWH checklist youtube but the nuances of tagging etc are yet to be learnt.