Getting transformation from pickhelper doesn't seem to work as advertised


Can anyone help me with what I’m doing wrong? Been trying to get a pick’s transformation with pickhelper… In my tool, after

`@pickhelper.do_pick(x, y)`

Then I try:

`@pickhelper.count.times {|pick_path_index|puts @pickhelper.path_at(pick_path_index)}`

…and nothing puts to the console. This is straight from the documentation.

So I try:

`path = []
            @pickhelper.count.times {|i|path << @pickhelper.path_at(i)}
            transformations = []
            for element in path.reverse.flatten
              next if element.is_a? Sketchup::Face 
              next if element.is_a? Sketchup::Edge
              transformations << element.transformation 
            net_aggregate_transformation = transformations[0]
            for transformation in transformations
              net_aggregate_transformation *= transformation 
            puts "net aggregate_transformation.to_a " + net_aggregate_transformation.to_a.to_s`

I can copy the transformation array from the console and test it but is not the right transformation.

Sorry, that should have been

`....for transformation in transformations[1..-1]....`

then it works.