Getting to Sketch mode from Match Photo

I hope someone can help me. I’m new at this and have tried to solve on my own over 10 times. I’m obviously doing something wrong.

After following the instructions on how to make a model from a photo, once I’ve placed the Origin and the 4 perspective lines as per instructions, I click on the “Done” button on the “Match Photo” menu (dialogue?). According to the instructions the mouse tool should change to a pencil and I should be in Sketch Mode. However this doesn’t happen. The mouse tool becomes a black arrowhead. When I then click on the Line tool and then try to draw the lines of one facade of the building I’m trying to model, I am unable to push/pull it. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


You should always begin at the origin and use the axes inferences to draw the lines, otherwise it is very likely that you create not coplanar edges and therefore no faces…

Thanks Cotty! Do you mean start with the Origin with the line tool, after I’m done placing the origin and perspective lines?

Yes, here you can see an example…

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Thank you. I think I wasn’t being patient/accurate enough. I’ve gotten a rectangle to push/pull. Am ecstatic! Thanks!

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I never start with the line tool. I almost always start with the rectangle tool. Then you will be sure to get a face.

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Personally I always start with a cube of the ‘correct’ size, then import an image to match the photo; this gives you a good reference for scale and perspective. After it’s correct, I then project the photo onto the model and edit the cube - I can rotate and navigate away from the photo wile still seeing it in the correct perspective on the model. After putting in some details, I then project the photo again, over-writing the previous textures.

Most photos have a slight “fisheye” curve that SU can’t currently compensate for, so nine times out of ten you go for the best fit option that doesn’t quite match the photo, but the surfaces match the model. Sometimes the projected image onto a surface needs a little bit of stretching to fit nicely (r-click and edit texture).

A quick way to leave the matched photo scene is simply to rotate slightly with the middle mouse button - I’ve done this more often unintentionally than intentionally.