Getting the Upgrade

You Can’t Handle the Upgrade!!! I paid the $119.99 for the upgrade and cannot get it to work. It continually shows the choice to “Keep Using The Free Version”, or spend the one $119.99 for the upgrade, even though I already selected and paid for the upgrade options. When I select the, “Pay The $119.99 For The Upgrade“ AGAIN, (risking purchasing it again) it acknowledges that I’ve already purchased it. However, I have none of the benefits, or the ability to access the promised features of the upgrade.

As in the sitcom, Seinfeld: “No soup for you!” In the case of this app: “no upgrade for you“

Go to and assign the product in the Members section to the emailaddress that you are using.

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He paid for Go with the in-app features in the iPad app. I don’t see a Go entitlement for him, but I’m not sure if a subscription via Apple shows up in the same way that a direction subscription would.

It looks like your subscription is tied to an Apple Private Relay. I’ve sent you an email with more information on getting logged in.

Hi, the same thing happend to me, did you solve the problem? Thank youp

Hi Gray, the same thing happened to me, could you please give me the advice what to do? Thank you

Hi Adrian, I recommend checking to see if you have an Apple Private Relay set up on your device (Create and manage Hide My Email addresses in Settings on iPhone - Apple Support). If so, you likely need to use the Sign in with Apple option, or use the private relay email as your username. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, submit a support ticket through the SketchUp iPad app (megaphone icon) and let them know you can’t access your Go account and have already tried private relay and other logins saved to the device. They should be able to find your correct login information but may need to ask a few additional questions.

Hi, same issue for me. Private relay not set up on my iPad tho.