Getting Layout to load Page 1

Through the Windows Layout API I added 4 pages to a layout file. But when I open the newly created layout file in LayOut, it always opens the last page. Is there a way to make it open the first page. Is there something can set prior to saving the layout file ?


Try saving it with page 1 open prior to closing.

Maybe I was not clear in my original topic. It is not in the UI, I have a windows exporter using the Layout C sdk and that creates a layout file with 4 pages and I save the layout file at the end using the api. Which API do I use prior to saving to make sure that the layout file opens on page 1. I tried getpagebyindex prior to save, but that did not work.


Right now there is no way through the API to set the active page, although that is on our list to add to the API.

One way to work around this, although inconvenient, would be to insert the page you want to have active after all other pages are inserted. You could use AddPage() for pages 2-4 and InsertPage for page 1 in your example.

Hope that helps,

Ok. Will look at your suggestion of reordering page additions.