Getting Git Right - How to get started with Git

If you ever wondered what this Git thing is all about: Learn Git- Git tutorials, workflows and commands | Atlassian Git Tutorial

Also a nice resource even if you’re not completely new to Git.

While we’re on the topic of Git, I’d highly recommend developers to host their projects on GitHub or BitBucket and participate in collaboration between the community.

Edit: I should also point out that GitHub has some really nice resources for learning and getting started with Git, like this sandbox: Set up Git - GitHub Docs

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I would recommend against using Git for binary files that don’t diff very well, e.g. PSDs or PNGs. A centralized VCS, like Perforce, is better for opaque binary files due to the file locking features (you don’t want two different artists changing the same art file).

Yea, Git itself isn’t aimed to binaries. All though, GitHub features a nice image diff functionality: