Getting Back On My Feet

In July I fell out of a tree. Surgery was involved but I’m all OK yet have not opened SU until now.
I am not completely at ground zero but close.
Here’s my question, I seem to remember being able to use a key command or combo-key command to snap my drawing immediately back to top ortho view: red horizontal, green vertical, and blue coming at me through the screen.
I cannot remember how. Was I just imagining that?

I’m not sure about that, I have my mouse paired with a space mouse, mouse has 12 buttons, I have about 40 shortcuts mapped at the moment and never heard of that. I use curics plugin to align closest view and than I have a hot key to toggle off or on parallel projection. Not sure how the title of your post has anything to do with your question, as your title doesn’t help anyone navigate the forum looking for answers on specific questions… Your question is also something you can easily find out as well, look at your shortcuts and you’ll know if those are options hotkeyed or not as you lookup for example some of the views and if they have shortcuts assigned.

You probably had a shortcut set for Camera/Standard views/Top.
Sorry to hear about the fall, all the best for a full recovery.

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Camera / Standard Views / Top
Alt + 1 is built in standard command
How embarrassing
but the reminder sure saved me some time
Thank you

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Sorry to hear about your fall but glad you are back at it.

I don’t think it’s a standard command. At least it doesn’t show that way in my list of shortcuts.

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Not sure on Windows, but on Mac Camera/Standard Views/Top is available for assigning a user shortcut and is also pre-wired to cmd-1 in the menu system.


It doesn’t work on Windows on my end, anyway. Keyboard shortcuts can be set but aren’t by default on my installation.

A number of Cmnd + key shortcuts are predefined in Mac only.
Here are the ones on the Camera menu, for example.

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Let’s click Curic Align View one more time to switch parallel projection/perspective.

Thank you!