Geometry Tracking to Camera?

Hello Everyone! I recently upgraded from working with Sketchup 2017 to Sketchup 2020 and I’m suddenly encountering a weird bug that I’m hoping someone else has experienced and figured out how to resolve.

About 5-10 minutes into building my model when I used to rotate feature (which I had been using previously to maneuver around my model with no issues) it seemed to track with my model instead of with the background grid. My model was sliding around following the camera. Somehow I was able to break out of that cycle and resume working business as usual but then it happened a second time when I imported a component from the 3D Warehouse. No matter where I place the component in my scene, the second I use the rotate feature to move away, it begins slides with the camera. Hitting undo does not affect this change. I imported a second component to test and the same issue is happening with that as well.

Has anyone else been experiencing these strange camera tracking issues? Is there a setting I can change to resolve this?

Thank you!!

I think I have seen this before, but cannot reproduce it. Thought I left my hand on the trackpad. What mouse do you use? (There is another user with similar behavior that uses a tablet with pencil)

So far I haven’t been using a mouse, just the trackpad of my laptop. I do have a pentablet I could try as well if that might help solve the issue!

Could you save and share your model?