Geometry is not updating in LayOut

Hello all,

My client has chosen a wider sink for her vanities, but the geometry won’t update in LayOut. Any suggestions? I did save the model after I made these changes. No changes to scenes were necessary. I’ve tried the relink button and update button in LayOut in Document Setup (several times) and I’ve also tried clicking on a viewport and updating the model reference after I relinked. Help please. :slight_smile:

I figured it out. See the other link in the reference list? LayOut was linking to that for some reason. I discovered that by right clicking a viewport, and then clicked on “open in sketchup” to see if it would say that I already had it open. But it opened right up and the name matches the one in the list. Not sure why there is another model, (maybe it’s a back up file?) but we don’t number our projects like that.

Anyway, no need to answer.

has the ps3 scene in layout been (modified) ?
it will have modified in brackets after scene name.

If it has, it has been modified in Layout and therefore “orphaned” from the sketchup file. just create a new scen based on the SU file and delete that page or scene.