Geometry disappearing when using Solid Tools

I’m trying to trim a solid with another and when I perform that, I’m losing other geometry. Are there limitations on how this can be used? Any way I can avoid what is happening here?

Are the circles on the side panel just that? Or are they actually 3D holes? If you’d share the SKP file, it would help us help you.

That was it DaveR…They’re just circles marking system holes for the cabinet. My CNC software only needs the center point not the depth, so trying to save time I just used circles. I’ll have to add depth to them. What would be the quickest way to push them all in 12mm? Will I have to use push / pull one at a time?

Thanks for the help.

If I were drawing that panel and wanted to create 12mm deep holes, I would initially make the panel the thickness of the remainder, draw the circles and pull out the face leaving the holes. So if the panel is supposed to be 18mm thick, I would make it 6mm thick, add the circles and pull the face out 12mm.

Brilliant, Thank you.

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