GeoLocation doesnt work properly

Hi there,

I’m new here on this forum and I’m having a problem with the GeoLocation tool.

1st. Grab tool doesn’t work properly. When I pick up the blue dots they displace and I can not use them.

2nd After I’m pressing Grab the image says couldn’t load image and in the terrain mode appears the rectang that I choosed and no image with “Sorry couldnt load image”

3rd. Maybe it is a problem from my browser ? I’m using GoogleChrome.

This is the second image.

What is the location? Can you give an address?

The view shouldn’t be at an oblique angle for importing like your images shows.

Could it your browser? Maybe. Even though you are using Chrome, SketchUp uses IE on Windows. Maybe you haven’t kept IE up to date?

Either oblique views from Google Earth or orthogonal views from Google Maps are available by toggling the View button in the Add Location window.
One can also rotate oblique views 90° with each click of the Rotate View button.

In your screenshot the Add Location window appears to be set in oblique view.
Try using the Add Location feature in orthogonal view.

For DaveR.

The location it is in Romania. It’s called Timpuri Noi.

Did you try getting the location without the oblique view?

It works for me.

In the oblique view it is working. Now its saying I m not connected to the internet :)). SU has big problems because I intend to buy it ? Maybe its doing this because it is a trial version. Altough I’m still studying and I saw that after the 30 day of trial it is going to be free. SU MakeUp

By they way it’s saying “You are using a browser that is not supported by the Google Maps JavaScript API. Consider changing your browser. Learn more Dismiss” Lets change the browser than :slight_smile:

It’s not Sketchup that has the problem. As you can see in my screen shot, it works fine to import the Google Maps view. It sounds to me as if you need to update Internet Explorer and perhaps Javascript.

You need to do some browser maintenance and updating.
See this Help article:

Fixing Problems Connecting to Online Features — SketchUp Help

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Seems I need to make an update from ws7 to ws8 or higher

Sketchup 2016 works just fine on Win7. Why not try what both Geo and I suggested?

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You need an up to date version of ‘Internet Explorer’ [v11?], and your ‘Internet Options’ should be not too onerous, and javascript etc needs to be enabled…

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When i m trying to update IE, after i was downloading the specific ws 7 64 bits, it is saying this

The obvious solution would be to update Windows 7 to SP1.

I ve did this, now im going to try to make what Geo sayed

It works now. Thank you all for suggestions and patient.


Good to hear you have it sorted @mafteicatalin