Geolocation ask for account - but already logged in


I am trying to create a geolocation. I want to try the new map providers.

However it ask me, with a screen that I’am not allowed, to log in; and point me to the account Icon on the right top. But I’am already logged in. I did log out and log in, but still no juice.

How can I fix this?

Thank you.

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That has happened to many people, and I can even reproduce the problem. The work around is to sign out, and sign in again. The problem seems to happen only the first time you try to add location (well, it will continue to happen if you don’t do the work around). After the sign out and sign in again, the problem shouldn’t happen again.

Thank you for your reply.I will try again tomorrow, however I di try it a few times to log in and out.