Geolocating time limits

I am still using SU Pro 2021. I have just tried geolocating a model and I get this warning:

Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 14.21.55.pdf (180.4 KB)

So I only have access to the facility for a few more months. I wonder how many people still using older versions of the software realize this?

Not saying I should have access if I am no longer subscribing, but it’s useful for people to know what they might lose by not doing so.

I think if they are using older versions they know, since 2020 got depreciated in 2023. most of similar posts are about make 2017 these days.

But 2024 will be a more important deadline, 2021 was the last classic licence ever sold, and I’m expecting more similar topics over the next months. I saw the same message recently in a training centre running 2021, and I’m glad they added it, so people have 9 month to be informed.

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