Geolocate not working in SU2021

I’m trying to pull in the Digital Globe info for my project site. I followed through all of the steps to geo-locate, and I end up with the attached screenshot. Everything just comes in as a white box. Before it’s suggested, yes, I have already signed out and signed back in after seeing that’s been an issue for some. I need to be able to place the project in a specific location, at a specific orientation this evening so a bit of a fire here folks. I have not had luck with previous SU issues, so hopefully I can find a solution here.

What are the lat and long coordinates of where you are trying to geolocate?

I can try that location for you, if it would help.

Digital Globe has areas missing terrain - most place north of about 70° latitude, I have seen referred to here on the forum.

Can you attach your Sketchup file so we can see what’s going on?

Check to make sure your face style isn’t set to monochrome.

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that solved it! What a weird setting. It would be good to update user manuals to detail this. I never would have thought to change that since anything else I import doesn’t seem to have that issue. Thank goodness it was a minor fix. First time I’ve ever actually been able to solve an issue in SU