Geolocate a jpeg

I was asked to geolocate a jpeg. Thought it would be fine… but it’s been a few years since I’ve done this. I have a jpeg image but I have no idea where it’s located. I imported it into Sketchup but I can’t find location data anywhere. To geolocate, I only find “search” options that require i input the coordinates to find the location. How can I geolocate a position to match a jpeg if I don’t know what location the jpeg is showing? Can I find or match location data embedded in the file, or am I just missing information? Thanks

Do you know where on the planet this image is supposed to go? If so, use get Location to import that location to your model. Then you should be able to place the image relative to the location image.

The image may have embedded metadata called EXIF that provides the coordinates where it was taken. Search the web for EXIF to find a viewer that can show you this metadata. So far as I know, SketchUp ignores EXIF when importing an image, but if you can retrieve the location you can geolocate the SU model using WIndow->Model Info>Geo-location->Set Manual Location. Note that the EXIF coordinates could be a corner or the center of the image. Depending on which, your geolocation could be off by half the image width and height.

none whatsoever! eek

i will try it! Thank you!

So that means you can put it anywhere! :smiley:

FYI for Windows users, the File Properties dialog (Details pane) of a file may show this metadata.
(Right-click a file in Windows Explorer and choose Properties from the context menu.)