Geo location, saved as, open in Rhino


I got a problem when save a sketchup file with landscape, show terrain. When open in Rhino, the terrain are exact, but the google Earth snapshot, use a different location from yesterday. I have tried sketchup 8, 7 and so on. Same problem. Tried to save on an other location on the workstaion, still same problem. Why?


Not sure how this is SketchUp related. SketchUp doesn’t move the snapshot. Don’t know what Rhino is doing.


the problem was in Rhino. When open file form Sketchup in Rhino, the
meshsurface with texture. The texturename are the same every time you open
a file from geolocation: Google Earth Snapshot.jpg, are not deleted when
open the next model, and use the same jpg file as previous file. You must
change the filename to location you will use, every time, manualy under:
assign material, object, texture, color. Then it works