Gentle slope or offset of a tube

I’m trying to put a 2.5 inch offset bend in a 4" inch tube. (see images) what I did in reality was to slowly heat a piece of 4" PVC until it was pliable and them gently moved it into place. The problem is that SketchUp does not have a blow torch tool. (I checked).

I have tried follow me and a few things with the move tool that did not work. I know that there are extensions that would help but they are unavailable to me. I’m sure the answer is in the Follow me tool but i cant seem to get the tube to move vertically without moving on the horizontal axis as well.


Thanks for any help.

I’m not sure what problem you had with Follow Me. If you draw a path along the center line of the tube and a ring perpendicular to the path at the end, you should be able to run Follow Me with no problem.

Well, as I’m sure your aware SketchUp only works properly AFTER I spend the time to make a fool of my self on the forum.

Works fine now, but i swear it kept kicking left the 5 times i tried it before.



I found the Options button that is hidden in plain sight on the Import File dialog after complaining loudly in the original SketchUp forum about DWG import not supporting metric units. I was firmly but cordially put into my place.

The only fool is the one who doesn’t ask questions. Ignorance can be cured with knowledge.

See? Problem solved :wink:

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