Generate Report with Dynamic Component

I have started using Dynamic Component from few days back. After using DC I am having a issues on Generate Report. I just want the details of selected component (selected on component option)on report but all the component appears on the report. Is there any way to avoid unwanted components from the report.

Gland Plate DC.skp (188.8 KB)

Best to make own attributes to only report what you want
Gland Plate DC.skp (252.7 KB)

took the liberty of resizing the options so their boundaries don’t interfere when hidden

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Selected “MP 8.4”


Then in Component Nesting Levels, “1”, for top level of component.

Generate Report results:

Test for another selected, “MP 4.2”

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Thanks Philip, it will help a lot for me. Looks like I need to generate report separately for DC.

Thanks James, I tried this one as well. Just started using DC from last week. I am baby on DC :smile:

There is another method that involves a little ruby, in that the DC is simplified, in this case the hidden options are deleted, (they can be reactivated with a context menu swap if required)
If you install Aerilius Toolbar Editor, you can attach this snippet to a created button

def remove_hidden(instance)
    children = { |e| e.respond_to?(:definition) }
    children.each { |c| remove_hidden(c)

 c.erase! if c.hidden?   }

# thanks to Eneroth,  

after your choice, press the button


ln action with your original file

As you can imagine, you can create very complex DCs, and using ruby, destroy, simplfy them to work as normal ones. Complex shapes made of many parts, made solid. operations with a path like follow me…

The option dialog can be frozen, changed, name instances…

You start small and build up your tools to suit.


Your skills is on top of Everest. Thanks a lot for the ideas. I need to learn all these.

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I managed to install ToolbarEditor in Sketchup pro 2021 but couldn’t see on toolbar options.

Plus an icon to get you started:


save your icons code to a folder