Generate report quantity is wrong (NaN)

hey there,

i have components in my model and in entity info they tell me solid component (2 in model.)
thats correct.
but when i generate a report in su2018 with quantity from that component it tels NaN
whats wrong at that component?
or what can i do to have in the report also 2 in quantity colum

“that component it tels NaN”

“NaN”, is it correct?

No its not correct the quantity of that component is 2 in the model!
So it must be 2 and not NaN!

Is there a reason why it shows “NaN” in place of the real quantity of the components?

How about sharing the SKP file so we can see and not guess at why the quantity is showing that way.

“NaN” means “Not a Number”. This is the IEEE floating point designator for an illegal or meaningless value, e.g. as result from divide by zero. So the report generator is encountering something like that while processing your model. It is probably not your fault. It could be a bug in the report generator or a model flaw due to a bug in SketchUp - but without seeing your model we can’t tell.

kasttest.skp (98.1 KB)
2017-12-10.txt (315 Bytes)

thank you for the answer i have uploaded my model.
and a txt file of the report because the report i cant upload.

there you see the first line quantity is “NaN” and must be 1
the fourth line is “NaN” and must be 2
and the fifth lin is "NaN and must be 1

You have Dynamic Components with an empty “Copies” field. If you put “0” in there, your report will work.


yes indeed!
thank you verry much now it works

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