Generate Report and backward compatibility

I use SketchUp 2018 pro, I create a report saved to that file. The Client has 2017 and can not read that report.
I was under the impression that the “on line” report software was on the cloud. So why is it version dependent?
Does this mean I have to resort to the “off line” report and sort it in excel? Isn’t this counter productive?
Please inform, as need to work out a solution
Thanks Philip

Edit: I realize that there is a new attribute directory, but these could be version dependent, whereas the gist of the report remains? That is data that 2017 could read.

I’m not sure that’s an expected behavior: if I save a skp file in 2018, I’m not sure I would expect to open it in 2017. But unlike a skp file, we don’t give you the option to save in an older format. And 2017 didn’t have the ability to Export or Import, so that doesn’t help much: 2017 only saved in the model, right?

I usually don’t do well on the forums with discussions of older versions getting updates for new features. I suppose it’s one of the issues with allowing users to run multiple versions of your software.

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So when a custom made report in version 2018 is saved to model first, and then the model itself is ‘saved as’ a 2017 version, it would not pop up in the generate report when opening in version 2017?

That appears to be the case.

Yes, that is the case. So I have to either set up the report as best, or place a converted file as a component in a template with the report set up,
Maybe version compatibility could be considered for future releases?
Thanks for the reply

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