Generate Cylinder from spreadsheet


Ok, so first post, forgive me if this is a little botched and in the wrong area.

So, I am attempting to create a cylinder in SU from measurements recorded in an excel spreadsheet.

My issue is that the datapoints that I have are measured from the center of the cylinder to the outside wall. When I try to plot these by using my measurements as the x axis, manually entering the z axis for height, and entering the radian from which it was taken as the y, they come out as individual lines on the grid, instead of arranged in a circle, and you know, cylinder-y

I know there’s probably a very easy way to do this, but for the life of me, I’m stuck.

Thank you!


Use the circle tool
Enter radius
Use push pull
Enter height

Or am I missing something?


Oh, ■■■■. I should have been a lot more specific. Sorry about that

So, I’m working from data of an object I measured. The radii have to be exact. It is an irregular cylinder.


You could plot the points on the edge of the “circle” and join them with line segments. Keep in mind that any curve in SketchUp is represented by a series of straight line segments. Despite having exact distances (radii) to points on the curve or circle, the lines between points will be at some other distance.


if I had them in a spread sheet, I would look at doing it in ruby…

supply a sample in the Ruby forum and you could get some advice on what might work,




I have a spreadsheet. OK to PM you with the details?


it’s 02.40 AM here so you may get a faster response in the Ruby forum…

if you PM it, I may not even look before the weekend…

your call



Save the point data in CSV format, arranged in x,y,z order.
This plugin will bring the data into SU

Cloud v8.0bxx by Didier Bur
Imports and Exports a points cloud, several CSV formats also supported.


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