General SketchUp Question

Just open a New SU model and import your 3Dwarehouse model into it.

Check it over:

  • Does it have layers you don’t want? If so, in Layers window, delete the layers and move the contents to Default layer (should always be Layer0)
  • Does it make sensible use of components? If so, are there parts of the model you don’t want to include? Delete them. If it doesn’t, is it otherwise well drawn?
  • If you want to edit it, can you?
  • Does it use textures? Are they sensibly sized, or far too big, bloating file size to no purpose? If so, edit the size down
  • Is it (as many are) far too detailed, with too many segments in circles, etc? If so, consider redrawing some or all of it (see some ways of doing this in my post
    Simplifying 3Dwarehouse models for use as entourage
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