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Well, this is fun. I can see this maybe opening up a whole new parametric references world. Bummer about the triangulation, CleanUp3 sorts that out quickly, and bummer about only metric. But still very cool idea.

I guess my biggest question is will it be possible to make these updatable? Can I double click on the live component to open it back up in the online configurator window and make different choices, then close the window to update the version in my model? That would be a game changer. As is I have to get all the parameters set correctly for my use the first time without seeing it in context. Or am I missing something?

Very cool to see new features coming online.

EDIT: I see now that configuration within SketchUp is a planned option in the future, sweet.

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These look great - saves me time searching around the warehouse or dealing with buggy plugins.

Am I missing a setting to switch to feet and inches in the editing window?

will we be able to host and have access to the attributes on our own servers?
in the case of plugins that use their own dynamic components, is it possible to do the same with “lives”?

It is to be implemented, not there, yet

Can you elaborate on why you want to host the attributes yourself? Materia is a web service so it would be rather involved for customers or even developers to host Live Components themselves. Still I’m very interested in understanding why you’re asking.

today the company I work for, lives off of developing dynamic components and offering these components in our plugin, our plugin adds attributes to the components, integrates with machines and the industry. I need to understand better if we can do the same with the lives.

Attributes on objects will be supported eventually. We realized that Attributes on objects is a key part of making Live Components comparable to Dynamic Components.


Have you tried it in SketchUp yet?

Unit switching coming soon.

@tickletickle Yes I have tried LC in SketchUp 20 and 21. It’s a very interesting new development but as I said in my other post, of limited use to me until I can work with them in imperial units. I really do think it’s a cool new thing and I’m excited to see where it goes… but since you asked.

It’s a step toward parametric modeling I guess, but a step away from one of the major strengths of SketchUp: the inference engine. Even once LCs become adjustable in imperial units, it still all feels very cumbersome to me. Who has time to tape measure an opening size, remember the measurement (or write it down if you have taken several, height,width,depth), wait 8 seconds for a web connection window to open, move the mouse over and double click into each parameter, type in the desired dimension, close the window, grab the LC by the relevant geometry and move it into position. I’m exhausted just writing it all up, feel like a bad dream of being stuck back in ACAD. I know, it’s only 30 seconds and I sound a bit spoiled and whiney but honestly SketchUps excellence has made me spoiled, the inference engine is so good and I am accustomed to moving fast. I can fit a well made DC object in seconds without ever taking my hand off the mouse using the native move and scale tools and referencing existing geometry, it would be really nice if the LCs had the same functionally.

I still think its a shame they are so tessellated, even though the faces seem coplanar. I am able to detach and explode a definition and easily delete the hidden lines to make square faces. No doubt this is a product of the creation technology of the geometry which is beyond my understanding, but I seems to me not hard to merge coplanar faces, we certainly have extensions that accomplish that. Anyway, it’s not a big deal, until you want to render them, or explode them to make truly custom adjustments not available in the configure window, then it’s a problem. It does appear anecdotally that a lot of the reversed faces I saw initially have been fixed, great. Also a shame we can’t paint any surfaces without breaking configuration link.

Question: Do LC’s no longer work in SketchUp 2020? I had played with them a bit before 2021 was released and was able to download the configured objects and place them into my 2020 files. Now even if I open the warehouse from inside 2020 with 2021 closed and configure there, the resulting download file is for 2021 and cannot be opened by 2020. I can find no way to get an LC into 2020 right now. That would be a real shame as I’m unlikely to use 2021 for months until there is a Twinmotion patch for it, so perhaps another reason I won’t be using LCs.

I really do appreciate the spirit of innovation and probably two years from now I will be using LCs in my workflow every day, I just thought I would share why I’m not using them today.

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The Warehouse downloads LC’s in the new SKP format , apparently and you have no choise in the browser (like you can with other models in the Warehouse) Fun fact, the model info even speaks about ‘Layers’ instead of ‘Tags’. The Materials in that Model info panel can be downloaded directly (all the materials that you can choose to configurate) but it would be nice to upload your own material or texture, to)

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Bryce answered this in another topic thread …

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Thanks for the heads up. I had read his answer there and was glad to hear it was unintentional and might be fixed. This whole thread got moved today by a moderator, presumably to make it so that this category appears in the “latest” which it was previously isolated from.

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Would be great to have the flip along enable for the live components, it is a pain to manually rotate the objects when you need to duplicate and change the direction.

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I have a similar situation to @henrique.barsa .

at the company I work at we extend the capabilities of dynamic components

to do so we access to their attributes via our plugin

we don’t need to host the live components ourselves; we just need access to their attributes (perhaps thru a Materia API would be fine)

I’m happy to provide more details about this, because it’s really important for businesses like ours that the Live components are extensible


Mapping the attributes and getting at least the configuration parameters in Generate report is a ‘must have’, IMO