GDSII Importer plugin for Sketchup

Hi I haven’t used Sketchup for some time. I used a GDSII Importer plugin before to conveniently convert a 2D layout into a 3D version. I wonder if that function still exists and what version of Sketchup I should get to use that. Thanks a lot!!

Which GDSII importer did you use?

Your profile says you are using the free web version of SketchUp and since the web versions don’t have an option for using extensions, you should be looking at SketchUp 2021 Pro.

Thanks for replying. I used Sketchup 2017 and a GDSII importer back then. I remember that version had a tag for extensions. I am now getting back to this software and haven’t yet purchased SketchUp 2021 Pro. I’d like to know if the extension still exists before I purchase the Pro version.

I did a short search and didn’t find an importer. I found plenty of dead links, though.

Wow, so there is a GDSII importer compatible with SketchUp 2021 Pro. Thanks so much for helping!

Where did you find it? Others might be interested.

Sorry I misunderstood your reply. I thought you’ve found one. I am not sure if the old extension works for the most updated version of SketchUp. If so, folks may want to search for the old one. I used it before and it worked pretty well.

Sorry. No. I didn’t find anything but dead links and a few reports from around 2014 or 15 that others had difficulty with the importer they had. Maybe it’s not a very popular file format anymore.

I see. I also didn’t find anything useful after searching. It would be great to have this capability for electronic devices applications. It’s probably not very popular for other purposes. Thanks again for helping.